Highest Quality

The body of the Galusso cat vase is handcrafted using solid wood, normally using ash or beech wood. It can be covered with various materials such as leather or gold leaf upon request. Naturally, the wood can be treated and stained in many different ways.

Domestic Manufacturing

For us, “Made in Germany” stands not only for materials of the best quality, but also for the highest quality of handcraftsmanship. We work with many handicraft businesses in order to perfectly satisfy every one of your wishes. We consciously avoid production in low-wage countries. We prefer to support the age-old tradition of domestic craftsmanship.

Scratching Surfaces

The hand-wound scratching surfaces made of thick, high-quality sisal are especially robust and durable. They can be easily apart and put back together, so that the surfaces can always be covered again as desired.

Comfortable Reclining Surface

Only the finest materials are used for the reclining surface, such as velvet, (artificial) fur or leather.